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Pretty cool that Rag is coming back!
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Rofl. That's freakin' epic! xD
by Sheogorath - 13 year(s) ago
anyone here ever played a game and saw the most...
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rocking out T3 with tf and ERB on my warrior!
by Schoeps - 13 year(s) ago
things that i'm scratching my head about:...
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robere, you just might be my hero =P
by Kellymonster - 14 year(s) ago
As someone who uses a lot of mods (entirely...
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by Kcsnakenl - 14 year(s) ago
Kalimdors Revenge......
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Thunderfury, hands down.
by Sheday - 14 year(s) ago
By now you have seen all the destruction and...
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(Spoilers)The "Lich King" per say...
by Sheogorath - 14 year(s) ago
#10 Gushing Wound: I know everyone is mad...
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#10 Gushing Wound: I know everyone is mad...
by Unknighted - 14 year(s) ago
ok I just did my daily browsing through...
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I can understand the need for these changes in...
by Spawnofmoose - 14 year(s) ago
WHY!??!? WHY did they finally put a flight path...
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Also, /wave Vex :)
by Arctic - 14 year(s) ago
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OMG that's so cool.
by Nostradamuss - 14 year(s) ago