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Welcome to BTMMO, a way to connect with your MMO friends! With the launch the BTMMO Beta, the only MMORPG currently supported is WoW, but we plan to support other popular MMORPG's in the future. BTMMO will allow you to upload and share pictures and videos, create groups, and chat with other players when you can't be ingame!Our unique Character Verification process ensures that your friends in-game are really your friends on BTMMO and others are unable to spoof your character roster. Join today, add your character(s) and start networking with your in-game fiends. Please let us know what you think and welcome to BTMMO, a social network for gamers by gamers!
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Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board.
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beskytter den faktiske fødder gennem knivskarpe em
by Schoeps - 6 year(s) ago
Feel free to offer site suggestions, report bugs, and find significant known issue notifications by the mods/admins.
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Why no one posting anymore :(
by Bigstackstwo - 5 year(s) ago
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$79.00 tax coming on 12/7/2010... ARE YOU PREPARED!
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Troll Instances AGAIN
by Michiko - 13 year(s) ago
Feel free to talk about anything and everything related to WoW in this board.
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by Sheogorath - 13 year(s) ago
Looking for players for that Hogger raid? Feel free to post here!
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[H]Reawaken LF Exceptional Players
by Foofy - 14 year(s) ago
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